Why Choose Hornsby?

Estate Agents are often justifiably criticised for failing to provide a good service.

The most stressfull part of the house moving process is often during the legal processes when your sights are firmly fixed upon your next home and you believe your house to be sold .The expertise and standard of customer service you receive from your estate agency sales team at this point is crtical to your peace of mind. The friendliness, help, support and viewer feedback provided by this same team, whilst your house is on the market for sale will be an indication of the quality of agent you have chosen.

If you have previously used an Estate Agent to which of the following questions
can you answer YES?

  • Did you get good advice from the valuer?
  • Did you get viewer feedback.
  • Did you receive regular updates and market reviews?
  • Did you receive weekly advice on the progress of your sale through to legal completion?
  • Where you encountered problems during your sale were you confident that your Estate Agent worked hard to resolve them?

If you would like to answer yes to all the above NEXT TIME -- choose HORNSBYS.

Martin Hornsby is a Fellow of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors and the Agency Pincipal. He has more than 30 years experience in the valuaion sale and letting of residential and commercial properties locally.

The Agency manager and Valuer Maggi Sulivan has 15 years experience in the local market. She is dedicated energetic, and enthusiastic. She will ensure that our service is tailored to your particular needs where possible and ensure that your home is marketed effectively and individually.